Fundraising, An Important Part of What We Do!


Without fundraising we would not be able to support the school in the many ways that we do.  

We usually aim to host 1 to 2 major fundraising campaigns per year. Ideas are presented by the Executive Committee and voted on by Home & School members that attend the monthly meetings. 

Ways you can help:

1. Direct Donations:

We do understand that everyone has different opinions on fundraisers and that some people would just prefer to give a monetary donation. These are very much appreciated!


Donations can now be made by sending a cheque in with your child.  Please make cheques payable to Evergreen Home & School Association, and mark "donation" on the cheque.


If you would like to receive a receipt for your donation of $50 or more, you must make your cheque payable to QFHSA (The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations). The QFHSA will provide you with a tax receipt and then forward the donation to Evergreen's Home and School (minus a small processing fee). 

2. Send Us Your Ideas:

We are always looking for new ideas to put the fun back into Fundraising!  Have an idea you want to share? Share your thoughts by contacting us through our website, by email at: homeandschool.evergreen@gmail.com or come meet us at the next Home & School meeting!

3. Participate!