Mabels' Labels

Mabel's Labels! Why?

1)  A few parents have suggested it since all labels purchased contributes money back to the school.

2) Have you seen our Lost & Found?!?!

Mabel's Labels is one of those fundraisers where all you have to do is simply order! For every purchase under our school name, we get a percentage back which goes directly towards future Home and School events and initiatives.

Be sure to select Evergreen Home & School Association (Saint-Lazare) from the drop down menu so that your order is credited to our school! 

Click on the image for the link!

​Fundraising initiatives are an important way to support the school and

enrich the lives of all students at Evergreen.

We appreciate and thank you for your continued support.

Previous Fundraisers

Thanks to Evergreen families and the community at large,
3,549kg of clothing was recycled during our Spring 2021 event.