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Our Mission

We are a non-profit group run by parent and staff volunteers who are dedicated to creating an enriching school experience. We organize activities that promote the importance of learning and taking care of our own, while fostering a strong sense of belonging, community and pride among all Evergreen students and their families. 

Our Role

We host activities and organize fundraising campaigns each year that help support school programs and events that would otherwise not fit within the school’s budget.  Funds raised go toward classroom equipment and overall      improvement of the school.  

Some of our projects over the years:

  • Providing every classroom with a commercial high velocity fan;

  • Re-sodding the soccer fields as well as providing new soccer nets;

  • Purchasing play equipment including tricycles for the kindergarten classes;

  • Installing low-ropes and play structures in the senior area;

  • Renovating both the Junior and Senior wing mudrooms;

  • Providing $400 to each classroom to spend on specialized equipment (UDL);

  • Every year we give each teacher $100 to spend for any classroom extras they need;

  • Supplying the school with iPads for classroom use​;

  • "Helping Our Own" program, to help families in need;

  • Organizing and hosting events like Pyjamas &Pancakes breakfast, Grill & Chill, Minute to Win It, Bingo Night, etc.


None of these things would be possible without the support of Evergreen families.  We encourage all families to help us continue to make our children’s elementary school experience the best it can be.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages all Home & School activities and initiatives which are decided and voted upon at monthly meetings. Anyone with a paid Home & School membership is allowed to vote on

initiatives and expenditures.   


Executive Committee for the

2019/2020 school year:​

 PresidentMelinda Paradis

Vice-President: Sacha Armstrong-Michailides

Treasurer: Georgia Kollias

SecretaryMelissa Bindon-Lesey

Special ProjectsAthena Soupliotis

MembershipSusan Nowak

Evergreen's Home & School Association is a member of the

Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations.  

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